Local vs. National vs. Enterprise SEO: A Comparison

Local vs. National vs. Enterprise SEO: A Comparison

The three types of SEO are local, national, and enterprise. While they don’t have a ton of differences, we’re here to compare each type for you.

Starting an SEO campaign is a big step for any company that has never done this type of marketing before. However, like with all new things, there’s a lot you need to know before getting started. One of the most important distinctions you must make is figuring out which kind of SEO you want to pursue.

There are three main types: local, national, and enterprise SEO. Each has its own distinctions, so we’re going to take the time to compare them. That way, you can ensure you use the type best for your company.

The Baseline Difference

Before we get into the finer details of each SEO type, we need to define the key goals of each one since this is the best way to differentiate them. As the name implies, local SEO focuses on finding customers within a specific geographical area. Local campaigns can also focus on some of the surrounding areas of a specific city or town, but the narrow locational focus is its main defining trait.

Next, we have national SEO, which expands quite greatly to include the entire country in which a company operates. You could run multiple national campaigns if your business sells in a few countries. But more often than not, it’s better to expand into an enterprise SEO campaign. This is when your SEO efforts expand to a worldwide focus.

Varying Keyword Strategies

It makes sense that the key difference between local, national, and enterprise SEO focuses on the location, but that’s not the only one. Each strategy also focuses on different types of keywords. For example, local SEO keywords almost always refer to the city or geographical area within the phrase. Without this distinction, companies would attract consumers who have no way of using these services.

Both national and enterprise SEO keywords are much broader but still have some distinctions. The reason for this wide approach is to hit larger audiences and have some staying power. When going big with your SEO efforts, you need to hold onto top results for as long as possible. Obviously, it’s still important to make sure your keywords make sense for the countries they operate in.

Similar SERP Rankings

Despite the fact that the keywords can vary quite a bit depending on your focus, the SERP rankings don’t change very much between each type. What we mean by that is an enterprise focus won’t significantly boost rankings more than a local focus will. The goal of any type of SEO is to rise through the rankings, and all forms do so at a similar rate.

While a local business might get the top result for someone looking for a place nearby to eat, that’s often not because of the local focus. Its SEO efforts simply outperformed the local chain restaurants focusing on the same keyword.

Importance of Google My Business

This leads us to the overall importance of Google My Business (GMB) and similar programs for other search engines. If you have physical stores or provide a local service, people will need to know where to find you. Since local businesses tend to focus more heavily on in-person sales, GMB is more vital for them to climb the rankings.

National and enterprise campaigns will certainly benefit from GMB as well, but it’s not as crucial for them. Since they have more recognizable brands, most people will already know their locations. Also, since many large businesses sell their products and services online, bringing them into a physical space isn’t as crucial for business.

Which Companies Benefit From Them?

By now, it should be obvious that some types of companies will benefit from one form of SEO more than another. However, we still wanted to clearly define which ones each should use. More often than not, small businesses and startups will benefit from local campaigns. However, ones that plan on selling completely online could go up to a national focus. Enterprise might be too big to tackle right away, though.

For larger, more established companies, national is usually the way to go. If you plan to sell internationally, then you should utilize enterprise SEO, but national is always a safe go-to option. On the other hand, companies of any size can utilize local campaigns if they have some physical stores, but this isn’t always necessary.

Access and Use of Tools

Generally, the best tools for driving organic traffic will work for any company, no matter which type of SEO they focus on. However, some focus more on local efforts while others nail down the broader appeal. Either way, SEO tools can be quite versatile, so the biggest thing that will separate them is the cost. Most of the time, smaller companies will utilize the free tools, while bigger ones won’t mind paying extra for the better options.