How Do You Market Your Company on Reddit?

How Do You Market Your Company on Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that many companies underutilize. If you’d like to use it to market your business, we have some tips that’ll get you started.

In the Digital Age, one of the best methods for getting your company’s name in front of the eyes of your target audience is to utilize social media. It’s free, and there are plenty of excellent platforms that’ll help you grow your brand. While the bigger social media sites are great for this, depending on your product, the demographic you want to sell to might not be on them.

This may send you to more niche platforms like Reddit. However, just because your customers are on Reddit doesn’t mean selling to them on there will be easy. Redditors are famous for criticizing people who continuously advertise on the site, and many subreddits will outright ban users who post promotional links.

Despite this, advertising on Reddit is far from impossible. If you know how to market your company on this site, you shouldn’t have trouble gaining traction and attracting new customers. Here are some techniques you should use to advertise on this platform.

Try Out Reddit Ads

If you want to do the baseline of marketing on Reddit, your best option will be to make ads on the platform. It doesn’t get more traditional than this. You can pay per impression your ads receive and place bids for how often you want them to appear. These ads will show up within the feed on desktop and mobile formats, but the desktop version of the site can also have ads show up on the right-hand sidebar.

All this is pretty standard for advertising on social media. One part that makes it stand out is how you can target users. Through Reddit’s ad program, you can target your specific audience by placing ads within specified subreddits. Since you’ll be paying per impression, it’s reassuring to know that the people who see your ads will be the ones who are most likely to click them.

Despite Redditors’ dislike of people who join communities to push their own products, normal advertisements do surprisingly well. It’s likely due to the straightforward nature of the defined promotional material, on top of its targetable nature. Also, with official ads, you can market your company in subreddits that would otherwise ban you for such actions.

Strategically Post About Promotions

Even though you can’t go around posting promotional materials and links wherever you choose on this site, it’s not impossible to make regular posts about your company and its offerings. Many subreddits allow and even encourage self-promotion. You just have to be smart about where you post these materials.

For example, r/deals is a perfect place to announce a big sale your company is having. While not everyone within this community will be fans of your products or services, it’s full of people looking to save money. Since it’ll cost you nothing to post here, you can do so without fear of wasting your own resources. There are plenty of other subreddits where you can use strategies like this and not end up banned as well.

Become a Contributor

The key thing to know about Reddit is that it’s a community. People from all around the internet come here to talk with others who love the same things they do. These communities won’t receive you well if you enter them sounding like a cold corporation or someone who only wants to sell something. Even if the people in the group don’t ban you, they’ll likely ignore you.

That’s why you need to assimilate with them. This isn’t something that should be too difficult for you. You’re probably passionate about whatever you sell, so get out there and talk about it. Not every post needs to push a product. You can simply share information you’ve learned through your years of experience or do an AMA (“ask me anything”) if people seem interested in your company or what you have to say.

Just be sure not to hide who you are. If it comes out that you’ve been trying to secretly sell to these communities, you won’t find it to be a very welcoming place after the truth comes out. Just be a person while on Reddit, not a corporation.

Search for Customer Feedback

Finally, the last thing you should do to market your company on Reddit is actively searching for customer feedback about your business and products. Part of marketing is researching how people perceive you. Reddit makes this very easy, especially if your company is big enough to have its own subreddit. By using either Reddit’s search bar or general search engine results, you can quickly find out how satisfied people are with your products.

If they’re unhappy, you can make the necessary changes or even respond to them through their posts. If people know that your company responds to customers on Reddit, they might start to become more vocal. This can allow you to create a dialogue that can either explain why things are the way they are or get into how you can change to improve satisfaction levels. Regardless of your approach, be human with them. A standard corporate response will only make things worse.