The 7 Best Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Brand

The 7 Best Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Brand

Social media is a great place to try growing your company’s brand. Out of all the choices available, we’ve narrowed them down to the top seven to try out.

Now has never been a better time to grow an up-and-coming business. So many options are at your disposal for gaining consumer attention that it can be a bit overwhelming at times. However, social media is leading the pack of choices available. It’s a wonderful place to do many tasks necessary to increase your company’s reach, including brand development.

In order to grow your brand, you need a consistent online presence that users can interact with. There are many ways to boost your overall social media engagement, but one of the most important steps is to use the correct websites. If you really want to increase the popularity of your brand, you need to use the best social media platform for your company. So here are some of the top options available to you.


Let’s start with the most obvious choice. While Facebook’s popularity might be dying off a bit for some younger demographics, there’s no denying the fact that it’s still the largest social media platform in the world currently. Its monthly active user count is close to half of the world’s total population—that’s a dataset you can’t find anywhere else. No matter how niche your target market is, it’s a safe bet that some individuals within it will be active on this platform.


If you want to use something a bit more modern than Facebook, though, TikTok is the place to be. It’s currently the fastest-growing social media platform on the market right now, so it’ll be perfect for growing your brand. While it primarily has younger people on it right now, if its popularity continues to boom, it won’t be long before the older generations decide to check it out.

However, the biggest struggle with the app is that it exclusively uses short-form video content. If that type of content doesn’t synergize well with your brand, making this platform work for you can be difficult.


If long-form video content is more suitable for your company, you should start a YouTube channel. This platform is much more flexible for businesses since they can create any duration of video they want, thanks to YouTube Shorts taking off in the wake of TikTok’s rise. Plus, they can pay to have video advertisements play before any other content on the site, allowing for more precise targeting.


Of course, not all businesses want to target the general public with their services, which is why LinkedIn is a solid choice for those wishing to do B2B marketing and networking. This social app focuses primarily on companies and professional topics, making it very niche but also extremely effective for those who use it to promote their brand. Plus, having your company there will make finding new talent for your developing team much more manageable.


If you like the idea of short-form content but don’t want to rely specifically on videos like TikTok, then Twitter is the place for you. It might have a lower monthly user count due to the amount of controversy that stems from the site these days, but with the Elon Musk purchase, the platform might be in for some drastic changes.

Since nothing is set in stone on that acquisition just yet, we wouldn’t recommend making any decisions based on that change. However, it won’t cost you anything to create a profile and try the app out. Many companies do use it every day to communicate with their fans.


So far, we’ve covered a bunch of sites that use video and text content for their primary sources of engagement, but what about photos? Well, that’s where Instagram comes into play. This platform centers around the premise of posting pictures online for others to see, and that’s what it does best. Instagram has successfully branched off into video content as well, making it an excellent all-around choice for growing your brand. Either way, if you have a target audience that responds well to picture-based content, this is the place to be.


With apps like TikTok and Instagram becoming the biggest names in the short-form, vertical-format video sphere, you might be surprised that we’re including Snapchat in this list. Even though this social media platform might not be the best choice for increasing your brand recognition, it still has one thing many other apps struggle to hold onto these days: a teenage userbase.

Young demographics change social media platforms often, so they can be challenging for companies to market to. However, Snapchat has managed to hold on to a large portion of this group. So if your company primarily targets teens, Snapchat might still be worth trying out.