4 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content To Increase Visibility

4 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content To Increase Visibility

Your old blog posts may not perform as well as they used to. If so, read about some creative ways to repurpose the content to increase its visibility.

It should go without saying, but SEO is a great way to get your brand name out there in a natural and long-lasting way. However, no marketing practice is permanent. Even if you followed all the rules for writing SEO-friendly blog content, a post that brought in lots of organic traffic a few years ago isn’t going to have the same impact that it once did.

The reasons for this can range from a changing target audience to information in the post no longer being accurate. I could even just come down to the age of the content. Search engines prefer fresh content. They prioritize newer posts over older ones you put up a while ago.

That’s why you need to find ways to repurpose that content. It’s still good information; you just need to find a creative way to increase its visibility again. We’re here to show you some ideas you can utilize to do just that.

Update Your Blog Post

The easiest way to fix the visibility issue is to simply update an old blog post that’s no longer performing well. Reread the post to see if there are any glaring problems with it. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes, the industry changes drastically in just a few years, and something that was true back then is no longer the case now. There’s also a chance you might have just been wrong initially. Either way, updating your blog to correct these inaccuracies is a great way to get it back in the algorithm.

This works because search engines will see that the page was updated recently and consider it new content, which will improve its rankings. Because of that, you should find ways to update your older blogs even if their information is still correct. Putting in a new anecdote or updating your keywords are just a few options for refreshing your content and making it relevant again.

Create New Posts That Refer to the Old Ones

If you can’t find a good way to update your old blogs, you can create new ones that refer back to the old ones in a meaningful way. Maybe you didn’t go into enough detail on a certain topic in your old post. You could use a new one to further explore that idea and mention your old one with a direct link that will get people to see where you started before coming to this new realization.

There are a number of ways in which you can link back to your old blogs with new ones, but you have to make sure they have strong connections. Loosely connecting two ideas will cause viewers to quickly lose interest in your older work, which will actively hurt the rankings you’re trying so hard to build.

Find Ways To Link Back to Older Content Online

Of course, you could expand this idea further than your own website. Thanks to the openness of social media and the wealth of people asking questions on these sites, you can easily refer them to your blog posts to give them more insights into their queries.

While you can use any social media platform for this, your best options will be either Reddit or Quora. These sites are specifically for people who have questions. Because of that, it’s really easy to find people posting queries about topics you’ve covered in depth in your blog. Since these are public forums, anyone who asks these questions in the future will come across your blog posts as trusted sources of information.

Use the Information in a New Format

If none of our previous creative methods for repurposing your old content to increase its visibility have worked, you can try taking the information from those posts and using it in a new format. You could try to write an entirely new blog post using the same data. However, you could run the risk of search engines recognizing it as duplicate content if you don’t change it up enough.

That’s why other formats might be worth pursuing. Two commonly used options are creating an informative video or going in-depth during a podcast. If you have too much data for either of those, you could look into creating a case study that refers back to them or a full-blown e-book. Regardless of your chosen method, it’ll help you accomplish your goal of revitalizing your old content.