Tips To Convert Your Subscribers To Loyal Customers

Tips To Convert Your Subscribers To Loyal Customers

Email subscribers can be incredibly valuable if leveraged correctly. Check out some of our favorite tips to convert subscribers to loyal customers.

One of the most valuable resources for a business is its repeat customers. Users that provide their email addresses provide endless potential for companies to tap into. When you run a business and invest in an email marketing campaign, you have a lot of opportunities to increase your conversions and raise your sales steadily.

Email marketing campaigns are invaluable to brands everywhere. Sending regular emails to your customers helps to establish trust and build a mutually beneficial relationship. It provides a way for you to inform customers about upcoming sales, product drops, and other news about your company. Customers enjoy when brands keep them in the loop and consider the content they like to see.

If you’re a brand with a robust email marketing subscribers list but are not sure how to turn those subscribers into valuable brand-loyal customers, consider these tips for converting your subscribers to loyal customers.

Say Thank You

The best way to make anyone feel appreciated and that their actions matter is to thank them. This applies to anything in life, but also to email marketing. When a customer completes any preferable action, send them a thank you email. The following are a few examples of when to send a thank you:

  • When a user provides their email consent for promotional emails.
  • When a customer makes a purchase.
  • When a customer makes an inquiry or contacts the business.
  • When a customer follows the company on social media.

Thank customers for the small things, so they feel appreciated. Teaching customers that their actions matter and you appreciate them encourages people to continue interacting with your brand. It also builds a stronger trusting relationship.

Logical Position is a digital marketing agency that recently broke into the email marketing campaign management business. The company is finding success in its venture, as they help nearly 200 companies navigate email marketing.

Jeremy Vale, the email marketing manager at Logical Position, said, “Send customer thank you emails. Give them a reason to come back. Find ways to say that we love you, thank you, and here is an incentive to come back again.”

When you send out a thank you email, you’re drawing that customer back in in a polite, appreciative manner.

Push the Momentum After a Sale

Once customers make a sale, you have a window to encourage repeat business. Take advantage of this momentum that comes right after a sale. When a customer makes a purchase, they’re feeling trusting and open to trying out your products or services. Capture this curiosity and keep it going after the sale.

Consider sending out an email providing a discount code or free shipping to convince them to purchase again.

While that customer most likely does not need to purchase the exact same product again, sending them an email with products that complement the one they purchased can encourage a quick second buy.

Offer Exclusive Perks to Subscribers

Another way to convert your subscribers into loyal customers is to offer them exclusive perks. Offering perks with a layer of exclusivity makes customers feel special and appreciated. People want brands to value their business and reward them for loyalty. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to launch a rewards program or send out special emails to subscribers. Here are a few exclusive things to offer your subscribers.

  • Discounts
  • Exclusive sales
  • Early access to product releases
  • Early access to sales
  • Surprise discounts on their most purchased products
  • Exclusive content

Communicate Often

One of the most significant factors in relationship building—whether this is for a friendship, romantic relationship, or even a business-to-consumer one—is repeat exposure. Developing a relationship with an individual relies heavily on that person seeing the other (or the brand, in this case) multiple times.

Send emails to your customers often, but make sure they contain compelling content. Emails for the sake of emailing simply clutter your customers’ inboxes and annoy them. When you send emails with intent, customers get quality content to read and enjoy from a brand they love.

Communicate often and with the intention to earn your customer’s loyalty.

Laura Donovan, the president of The Word Pro—an award-winning digital media marketing firm helping clients of all sizes since 1996—said, “Word-of-Mouth isn’t just spoken anymore, it’s tweeted, it’s posted, it’s pinned, and it’s shared online. Let your happy and engaged customers do the marketing for you, just be sure to provide them with quality content that’s worth sharing.”

Communicating looks different than it used to. Find out how to connect and encourage your customers to share their experiences online.

Invest in a Welcome Series

Investing in a welcome series of emails is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your business regarding email marketing. Email marketing, in general, tends to yield a significant return on investment compared to other digital marketing methods due to the established trust. Email marketing efforts are the most successful during the welcome series because it’s tapping into a new market of potential.

When a customer first provides your business with email permissions, send a welcome email that covers introductory things and potentially a discount. Then, send another email to remind them about the deal and the company they’ve chosen to receive emails from. Next, send a promotional email that shows the most popular products and finishes the welcome story.

Hire an Email Marketing Agency

When you’re new to email marketing, there are many mistakes you can potentially make. Sometimes it makes sense for companies to hire a professional email marketing agency to help set up and run email campaigns.

If you choose to go with a professional company, it is vital to be clear in your goals and tell the account manager that you want to transition subscribers into loyal repeat customers. Even professionals cannot guarantee an astounding return on investment if they do not understand your goals.

When you invest in an email marketing campaign, it is essential to outline your goals. If your primary goal is to develop lasting relationships that build brand loyalty with users, use these tips to convert your subscribers to loyal customers. Every customer is unique, which is why segmenting your email sends is a good idea. This can help cut down on email fatigue and keep customers engaged with content that appeals to them.

Email marketing is a valuable investment for any business, especially businesses that operate online. If you’re new to email marketing and want to ensure success, reaching out to a digital marketing agency can help.