Social Shares: 5 Tactics and Tips To Increase Engagement

Social Shares: 5 Tactics and Tips To Increase Engagement

For those of you struggling to increase the number of shares you receive on your social media pages, we have some tips and tactics for you to try out.

It should go without saying that social media is a crucial part of any online marketing strategy. It’s a good place to share news and updates for your business and also the best way to interact with your target audience. Functions like upvotes, comments, and shares all contribute to forming connections with your consumers.

However, the hardest one to get your viewers to do is share your posts. Likes and comments are much easier, but shares are the interaction that spreads your posts the furthest. So how do you increase your social shares? Well, this blog post is here to go over some tactics and tips for improving this form of engagement. Following these suggestions should help you see noticeable differences.

Start With Improving Your Headlines

If you want people to share your posts, you need to ensure they read or watch them in the first place. Not many people will share something without going through most of it beforehand. That means you need to work on your headlines. If your title or attention-grabbing words aren’t convincing enough to get someone to look into your post further, your shares will suffer even if your upvotes and comments don’t.

That means you need to make your headlines compelling without deception. Sure, clickbait gets people to read your post further. However, you can only trick your followers so many times before they eventually stop clicking. If they’re not clicking in the first place, then you know that they aren’t sharing either. Even if they do, the people they share your post with will be less likely to share it themselves. So make your headlines compelling. This way, even those who see the shared post will feel intrigued.

Create Relatable Content

Once you’ve perfected your headlines, it’s time to work on your content. Many things can improve your overall engagement, but relatability is the key to success, especially with shares. If your content really hits home for someone, they’ll be way more likely to share it with people in their life who have like-minded ideals. This will effectively increase the range of your target market by making others who haven’t heard of you before interested in what you’re selling.

However, that means you need to know your audience like the back of your hand. Figure out their likes and dislikes and tailor your content to fit those values. Also, be aware of any large-scale changes that occur in these areas. If you do this, your brand’s relatability will go through the roof, greatly increasing the number of shares for each post.

Give Comedy a Try

Of course, the relatability angle is more of a long-term content strategy. If you want to find a faster solution for increasing your shares, you should try the comedy angle. Nothing gets people to share a post with their friends faster than receiving a good laugh from it. However, the trouble here is that comedy is very subjective and can come under heavy criticism. That means you’ll need to play it safe until you learn your audience better. Once you do, you can start taking a few risks with your comedic posts.

Increase Your Number of Posts

For those interested in a more brute-force method, increasing the number of posts you make per week or day can increase the number of shares you get. The ratio of people who share and don’t likely won’t change. However, the overall number of those who do will go up. You just have to ensure the quality of your content doesn’t suffer due to this increase. If it does, your shares will eventually go back down.

Give Reasons for Your Audience To Share

Our final tactic to increase the engagement of your posts through social media shares is to give your audience a direct reason to share. All our other points have been more indirect. While they work, nothing is more effective than actively encouraging people to click the share button. This can be as simple as reminding viewers to click it. While some see this as shameless, the numbers speak for themselves. Those who encourage sharing tend to receive more shares.

If you want to be a bit sly about it, you can use questions, contests, and giveaways to convince people to share your post. You can tell them to share a post with their friends to see how they answer your question or say that anyone who shares the post will automatically enter a giveaway that you have going. Just make sure you use this strategy sparingly. Overplaying this card will cause viewers to catch on to your actions.