Reason To Choose Drupal CMS | Drupal Web Development

Reason To Choose Drupal CMS | Drupal Web Development

Drupal CMS offers highly customizable website development options and advanced security features. Learn more about the benefits of switching to Drupal here!

In a world full of WordPress and do-it-yourself website builder programs like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly, it’s easy to get blind-sided when deciding what’s best for your business. Every website building platform claims to be the best for one reason or another, whether they boast value, ease of use, an attractive template selection, or fast loading times.

For some business owners, building your own website using a DIY builder may seem like an obvious choice. It can save your business thousands of dollars, you can customize everything just the way you like it, and the design process may seem easy and possibly even fun. However, the decision to use a DIY website builder can leave many business owners frustrated and grasping for better solutions.

Common Concerns With DIY Website Builders

Regardless of how easy, cheap, or visually appealing your DIY website might be, there’s one trend the Denverdata Web website development team continues to hear about time and time again. Several times a month, we receive calls or emails from defeated business owners who have lost patience or become generally disinterested in building and upkeeping their own websites. Easy-to-build websites typically fall short of a business owner’s vision. Additionally, websites built on simplistic DIY platforms almost always struggle to stack up with competitor sites when it comes to speed, search engine performance, and overall usability.

Top 5 DIY Website Complaints

  1. “I spent longer building my site than I wanted to last year and haven’t had time to update anything since.”
  2. “I get so many emails from my DIY platform asking me to update themes or plugins, and I just don’t have the time or patience for it. Now, certain features have stopped working because I didn’t update in time.”
  3. “I thought I could add [custom feature], but my DIY builder doesn’t offer that option.”
  4. “My competitors have such great search engine rankings, but I can’t find my site anywhere!”
  5. “My competitor’s site looks really nice. How do I get my website to look more like theirs?”

The WordPress Reaction

When business owners contact us to rebuild their websites, an overwhelming majority will initially request that we use WordPress. For decades, WordPress has remained a popular Content Management System (CMS) throughout the web development world. While WordPress can be a great option for smaller, more basic websites, we find that customers often expect a solution offering a high degree of customization and advanced website security. For this reason, the expert web developers at Denverdata Web specialize in building websites using Drupal CMS.

What Is Drupal?

Drupal CMS is an open-source content management system and web application development platform. It currently powers over a million sites worldwide and is the primary CMS used by the Denverdata Web development team.

Why We Use Drupal

Drupal provides a highly customizable web application framework and advanced website security. Using Drupal, our team is consistently able to deliver safe, secure, responsive websites with fully customized features.

Quality and Consistency

The dedicated Drupal Community consistently reviews and improves coding standards, standard operating procedures, and security concerns. As a result, Drupal developers can access an up-to-date library of contributed modules that helps us save time and ensure the cleanest coding imaginable. Faster development and fewer setbacks along the way allow us to build reliable and maintainable websites and databases for our clients.

Advanced Website Security

Drupal is regarded as the most secure option among popular CMS platforms. Whether you need to build a custom database that is password-protected for each user or simply want to keep your web files secure, Drupal’s dedicated security team routinely reviews the core and contributed modules for security risks.

Drupal CMS Security Features Include:

  • Regular and consistent security updates are resolved and released into the Drupal Community.
  • The entire Drupal Community is openly invited to contribute and resolve potential security issues.
  • Community guidelines for reporting and resolving security issues are in place and monitored to prevent fraud or false information.
  • Drupal continually assures the security of all website integrity and sensitive data.

Highly Customizable Options

While CMS platforms such as WordPress can offer customizable features, Drupal goes a step further and offers highly customizable options. Fully custom software development means our developers aren’t restricted to prefabricated modules. When our customers come to us with an idea, Drupal gives us the ability to make that vision a reality.

Drupal is often thought to be the most extensible open-source CMS available. Its coding standards, data structure, and documentation allow us to create and implement custom features and enhancements for our clients’ websites.

Data Structure

Drupal’s consistent, normalized data structure allows us to replicate and apply data as needed, which saves us time and frustration when building similar features. This means we don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time we create new features.

Drupal allows us to add new features and enhancements for our clients more efficiently using a consistent data model.

The Drupal Community

Although Drupal may not be as widespread as some of its competitors, it hosts one of the largest open-source CMS communities in the world. The entire Drupal Community is openly invited to share and peer-review features, modules, and other helpful knowledge.

Because Drupal is fully open source, our clients can save on license fees. Additionally, the source code is always available for community review, making it virtually impossible for malware or other nefarious features to exist within the platform.

Ready To Switch To Drupal?

With Drupal, you can have peace of mind knowing your website site is safe, secure, and well-supported. Unlike DIY website builders that offer simplistic solutions with a number of setbacks or WordPress websites that can be riddled with vulnerable security features, Drupal remains one of the most trusted and beloved CMS platforms among web developers worldwide.

If you’re ready to migrate your Wix or WordPress site to Drupal, Denverdata Web has you covered. Along with expert Drupal Development services, we also offer Managed Drupal Hosting Packages, Monthly Drupal Security Maintenance Plans, and Drupal 7-9 End-Of-Life Migrations. To learn more about our wide array of Drupal services, get in touch with our expert team for a free website consultation!