Leading Companies in AI Writing Technology

Leading Companies in AI Writing Technology

For better or for worse, advancements in Artificial Intelligence have allowed computers to mimic the work currently done by writers and journalists.

When people imagine the possibility of robots replacing people in the workforce, they usually concoct images of assembly line steel arms working on cars, touchscreen menus at fast-food restaurants, or automatic customer service responders. They may not immediately assume that journalists and writers may be the next target.

The use of Artificial Intelligence to develop written pieces has been in the works for many years. But recent advancements have started to make its application seem more and more likely.

There is no reason to think writers and journalists are about to be replaced—at least not yet. Most of the software for generating AI writing can be used as tools for writers as opposed to their outright replacements. Hopefully, these technological leaps will be a gift to writers and not their curse.


Wordsmith offers businesses the opportunity to uncover the narrative behind their data quickly and efficiently. Using its millisecond-fast API, the tool turns data into a narrative that offers helpful insights for business leaders. Major industry giants like Yahoo, PwC, and Microsoft already use Wordsmith to generate over a million articles a year. The paid plan costs $250 a month.

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With Writesconic, an AI copywriter, you can generate high-quality ads, blogs, product descriptions, and landing pages. Users input information like a product’s name, description, and promotion—then Writesonic uses deep learning to turn those into well-written advertisements. It writes in a conversational, natural tone to engage readers and maintain traffic.

Writesonic is available for $9.99 a month. Professional plans are $35.00 a month. A money-back guarantee comes with the product.

AI Writer

Just input a headline or some keywords and let AI Writer do the rest. This tool can automatically generate unique text to help you either create work from scratch or improve existing pieces. Using one of its key features, AI Writer can set up auto-blogging projects, making it especially helpful for generating search engine results.

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The basic plan is set at $19 a month. A standard plan is $49.00 a month, and businesses can also customize their own option.

Article Forge

A complex AI platform that creates well-crafted articles in only seconds, Article Forge is backed up by an advanced algorithm that can write or enhance content. Similar to Writesonic, users only need to input some information to get valuable content on the other end. You input keywords, optional sub-keywords, the length of the article, and other requirements. Article Forge will take it from there. It can even churn out bulk content when you need multiple articles written on the same keyword.

With a robust API and the same artificial intelligence used by Google, Article Forge can be put on auto-pilot mode, continuing to create content without the need for time-consuming oversight.

Article Forge prices its plans at $324.00 a year and $57.00 a month.


QuillBot is all about precision. The program integrates into Google Docs and Chrome. It finds unnecessary words and recommends ways to paraphrase overly complex sentences. QuillBot’s goal is to make your writing concise, short, and totally on-message.

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You can get a free version that has a 700-character limit or a premium version that starts at $6.67 a month.