How To Dominate Review Management for Multi-Location Brands

How To Dominate Review Management for Multi-Location Brands

Successful review management tools are helpful, but selecting a strategy can be the real challenge. We go over tactics that organizations choose online.

Managing reviews for brick-and-mortar brands can be challenging for any organization or agency. Therefore, solving these types of problems should be every digital marketer’s dream. Here’s how to do it!

Take a look at the bigger picture, not just a few locations.

When you think about reviews, most people’s minds go straight to the Google Knowledge panel. However, taking a serious look at some of the other listings can turn out to be a huge help.

We all know Google’s value and the importance it holds regarding reviews. But places like Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and HomeAdvisor can also be critical as you manage your presence online.

In other words, don’t limit yourself to the websites you know. Instead, expand as a brand and test sites that will showcase your ratings the way Google does.

After all, Google also crawls listings, not just websites.

How To Dominate Review Management for Multi-Location Brands

Dealing With Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are everyone’s nightmare (especially 1000+ multi-locations). However, managing them can be easy if you keep a close eye on some key placements suggested here.

Curtis Boyd and the Transparency Company have acted as leading voices in the industry and created an amazing tool that has worked wonders for many marketers. They’ve also carried out research over the years that could save brands time and revenue.

You can also use some fun tools to manage the overall review perspective. Some industry favorites include Birdeye, Podium, Net Reputation, Trust Pilot, Nice Job, and PulseM.

With so many companies and brands doing review management, it’s easy to notice that managing your online reputation isn’t a cakewalk. Choosing one provider can be the toughest task of the year!

We always suggest taking the time to meet with the folks who will not just project manage your account but go above and beyond by meeting some of the engineers and product managers. They should also be learning how the tool is evolving. Finding these kinds of people can put you ahead of the competition.

Considering Timing and Replying

Google wants you to reply to your customers promptly. And if it’s a negative experience, you must be extra careful with the way you reply.

Taking a deep breath and putting yourself in the customer’s perspective is your first step. Try and keep in mind that this customer will probably come back and can suggest friends and family.

The overall experience for your customers has to be a priority. It doesn’t just affect your visibility online but is essential to a successful business.

We often suggest replying quickly and politely so that you can be on the right path to local success.

Don’t shy away from asking folks for reviews outside of just Google.

How To Dominate Review Management for Multi-Location Brands

Keeping an Eye on Ratings and Scores

Your overall brand health is super important, and keeping a steady eye on the ratings is fundamental.

You can lean on tools to guide you along the way. However, building that connection with customers can be a simple solution.

Asking customers and partners to leave their experience online can be the healthiest way of sharing with your future users.

Respond promptly to enhance customer loyalty and trust.

With all the reviews in one location, it’s simple to locate and respond to the ones that need immediate attention. Thank customers faster, address issues sooner, and put out fires more efficiently.

Having your customers trust you is important for any business. If they feel that you care about them and their experience, they’re more likely to continue doing business with you. And if they have a good experience, they’re also more likely to tell others about your business.

But How Do You Gain Trust on Google Maps?

One way to gain trust on Google Maps is responding to reviews quickly. Whether the review is positive or negative, thank the customer for their feedback and visit and let them know you’re there to help.

If it’s a positive review, thank them for their kind words and let them know you’re happy they had a good experience.

If it’s a negative review, let them know you appreciate their feedback and that you’re working to improve the situation. So the next time they’re in the area, they won’t think twice about coming back.

Regardless of the issue, responding quickly shows that you care about your customers and their experience with your business. It’s a simple way to build trust and enhance customer loyalty.

How To Dominate Review Management for Multi-Location Brands

Place Your Greatest Reviews in the Spotlight!

You can add, replace, or remove any of the widgets on your site at any time. Website widgets are completely user-customizable, allowing you to pick and present your favorite reviews in style or automatically display the most recent and best ones.

Google often has your reviews displayed on listings all over the web. Being patient enough to put it all together is the responsibility most agencies and marketers.

Reviews are commonly visible all over the internet today. Industry listings display them, and they show up on social posts and your local landing page.

If you go above and beyond, you won’t only use a tool to monitor, reply, and ask questions but dominate in review management. Assure that some of the placements online are truly maintaining your reputation and brand image.


Your brand is your reputation, and your reputation over time is the basis of the actions you take while marketing and growing. So it’s crucial that you track and pay close attention to the reviews about you and your brand.

Playing the long game and developing a positive reputation always pays off in the long run and will benefit your overall presence online. Some tactics will support the long-term effort, but care, trust, and monitoring are the true factors that enhance growth with reviews.