How To Choose Social Media Platforms for Your Business

How To Choose Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Social media is more important than you may think, especially when it comes to your business. Learn which social media platform is best for your business.

Social media is more important than you may think, especially when it comes to your business. Everything today is digital, and you can find any information right at your fingertips. Getting started on social media may feel overwhelming at first. But once you understand the benefits of each platform, you can easily decide which platforms will help your business. 


Facebook is straightforward to navigate, and many people know it already, making it essential for every business. According to, 93 percent of businesses are active on Facebook. Facebook allows companies to do many things, such as create a business profile, run campaign ads, post various types of

How To Choose Social Media Platforms for Your Business

content, and more. Many of Facebook’s features are free, so it doesn’t increase your marketing budget. A wide variety of demographics also use Facebook, so it’s great for businesses looking to increase brand awareness. As for Facebook Demographics, the largest demographic group of Facebook users is between the ages of 25 and 35. 18.8 percent of Facebook users in this age range are male, and 12.8 percent are female. 23.8 percent of Facebook users are 18 to 24 years of age. Since it gives you the ability to post images, videos, and clickable links, this platform allows you to share anything you want. You can also boost posts or run ad campaigns to reach an even larger audience. This does cost money, but it all depends on how much of your budget you want to allocate toward it. Facebook ads are great for targeting specific demographics, locations, interests, ages, and more! They’re perfect if your business runs promotions. 


Instagram is a social media platform that is very similar to Facebook, but it is a little bit more of an interactive and creative platform. According to, Social Media Examiner’s 2021 social media marketing report states that 78 percent of US businesses use Instagram. As of April 2022, roughly 32 percent of global Instagram audiences were between 25 and 34 years old. In fact, over two-thirds of total Instagram users were 34 years or younger. With its features like stories, highlights, and live events, Instagram is really customer driven. It’s very easy to navigate and a great way to present your brand image to the world. Hosting live events will help customers get the “inside scoop” on what’s going on within your company. You can post product releases, behind the scenes looks at your restaurant kitchen, and how to use certain products—the list is endless! You can post both photo and video content to Instagram. Link to your website or other URLs via your Instagram bio or story links, which are now available to all business owners. The Story feature allows you to post images, videos, reference your recent posts, and even reshare posts others have mentioned you in. Stories are also a great way to increase brand awareness. They’re available for 24 hours unless you make a highlight. A highlight will stay on your profile for as long as you desire. 


Twitter is a social media platform that mainly focuses on sharing news or messages, also known as “tweets.” Twitter is the easiest way to stay up to date with trending topics in your industry. The largest age group on Twitter is 25 to 34 years old. Twitter features re-tweeting (sharing) relevant posts, responding to customers’ tweets, and posting content that relates to your company in any way you’d like, whether through images or videos. Twitter has many of the same features as Instagram and Facebook, so it never hurts to have an account, but it shouldn’t be your primary social media platform. 


TikTok is social media’s newest platform. This platform began in 2016 and has become very popular among all ages. As for TikTok audience demographics, 60 percent are female, and 40 percent are male.

How To Choose Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Also, 60 percent are between the ages of 16 and 24, while 26 percent are between the ages of 25 and 44. And 80 percent are between the ages of 16 and 34. TikTok content consists of videos, which makes it great for user-generated content and influencer collaborations. This platform gives you the chance to be creative with how you present your business. TikTok’s algorithm is so perfect that you can almost guarantee that your video will reach the appropriate audience. To reach an even larger audience, use popular sounds or music that TikTok features, as users can search videos by sounds (similar to hashtags on Instagram). Certain businesses will excel on TikTok if they’re creative and consistent. However, TikTok is not a must for your business.

Overall, social media has increasingly become a powerful tool for businesses. Of course, social media can help you understand your business better, so no matter what platform you decide to use, you should always be creative, consistent, and keep up with trends! The amount of effort you put into your social media business accounts will determine how much you get out of them.

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