How AI Is Impacting Content Marketing: 4 Ways

How AI Is Impacting Content Marketing: 4 Ways

AI’s official introduction to the world of content marketing is here, but how will it change things? That’s what we’ll be looking into today.

Even though it’s likely too early to say this definitively, people will likely look back on the early 2020s as the start of the AI revolution. In just the last year, we’ve seen AI programs take over art, music, and the written word in ways we didn’t think were possible.

Granted, there’s still a lot of work to do. But there’s no denying that AI is about to make some big waves in the marketing world. Plus, it’s not just something for large corporations to take advantage of. Small companies can use AI for marketing in various ways, especially when it comes to content marketing.

But how exactly will AI impact content marketing in the years to come? In this post, we’ll cover some of the primary ways it’s already making a difference right now, as well as how it’ll continue to evolve in the next few years.

Content Creation

The main thing we’re seeing AI do fairly well right now is content creation. AI was only really good for analytical work in the past. But recently, it has cracked the code for breaching into the creative realm. Of course, it’s still doing this through analytical means, but it’s impressive how real the AI’s content sounds.

Due to the nature of how AI writing works, you shouldn’t just fire your entire writing staff. AI work still needs double-checking and, in many cases, requires a human touch to bring it all together. Obviously, in due time, AI writing will become more and more impressive, but there’s a good chance real people will always need to have some hand in creating content. It’s better to look at AI as a tool instead of a full-on replacement to best understand this.

Faster Reaction Times

However, just because people will still be involved in the writing process doesn’t mean AI will be useless. As it develops, it will bring even more to the table, including quick reaction times to current events.

Even though news companies and other businesses that need to be on the pulse of current events are already very fast as it is, AI will be able to speed this up even more. The instant something happens, your AI system can whip up a quick article or update an existing one in just a few minutes.

Many companies will be able to take advantage of this to be the first on the search engine for those looking for updates. While not all businesses need to be on the cutting edge, being able to have AI update your content with more accurate information will save you lots of time and effort.

Curated Delivery Systems

As AI learns more about how people consume content and who prefers which types of delivery systems, AI will be able to curate its pieces specifically for certain target markets. When making content for consumers who spend most of their time on Facebook, AI will be able to recognize that and create a piece optimized specifically for that platform.

You could expand on this further as well. Maybe the piece can work well on multiple platforms. A learning AI program will be able to create multiple versions of the same content, altering it as needed to fulfill the requirements of a specific site. You no longer need to waste your employees’ time curating these pieces by hand.

Predictive Content

We’re willing to admit that this final way that AI will impact content marketing might be quite a few years away due to how rapidly it has advanced recently. Still, we can’t count it out as an upcoming possibility. The possibility we’re referring to is predictive AI content.

As AI learns more about how we write and sell our products, it’ll become more likely to identify trends before they even happen. Whether this comes in the form of how we push our products within the content or how we produce the content itself, we’re not sure yet, but we know this can develop.

We’ve seen how good AI has become at predicting consumer trends based on data in other areas of business already. It’s not unreasonable to assume that predictive content is likely on the way as these systems advance. While it isn’t something your company should bank on just yet, it’s certainly something you should keep an eye on in the coming years.