Gen Z: Marketing Strategies To Implement in 2021

Gen Z: Marketing Strategies To Implement in 2021

Marketing to Gen Z is the new challenge brands everywhere are grappling with. Check out some strategies that work for the younger generation.

The younger generation is notoriously hard to figure out. While brands used to find marketing to Millennials a taxing experience, the shift to Gen Z has proven just as unique. As new generations come of age and companies begin targeting them for advertisements, further needs to disrupt the way advertising works arise.

Younger generations grew up in the digital era, making them immune to most old-school marketing tactics and even have adverse reactions to them. Therefore, brands need to come up with marketing strategies to implement in 2021 for Gen Z.

Understand Who Gen Z Is

Marketers made a notable mistake with Millennials and are doing it again with Gen Z—they’re unaware of who is and is not included. Millennials are mostly deep into their adulthoods, with the elder Millennials approaching their 40s. The majority of Gen Zers are not in middle school as many advertisers seem to think; most of Gen Z is already in the workforce and has significant buying power or is in college or high school and rapidly approaching adulthood.

Understanding who you’re marketing to is the first step to reaching them in a meaningful way.

Take a Stand on Current Events

The younger generation is not just an age grouping—it’s a movement. Gen Zers are looking to spend their money wisely and only support brands that align with their values. They want to know the brands they love support things they care about.

Gen Zers tend to care significantly about the diversity of a company, LGBTQ+ rights, social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental impacts. They firmly believe companies are responsible for positively impacting society rather than focusing solely on profits.

Make your positions on current events and social issues known and part of your brand personality.

Create Entertaining Content

Brands that produce engaging content tend to fall in favor of Gen Zers. This generation grew up in the digital age. They know the old tactics of grabbing an audience’s attention and are immune to most methods. They don’t want advertisements—they want excitement.

Content that is fun and exciting will engage Gen Zers, regardless if it is branded or not. The general rule is to capture attention in eight seconds or less before you lose their interest.

It’s also vital to create content on their preferred platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Gen Z is the up-and-coming generation that is projected to have significant buying power. Appealing to the younger parts of the generation now is essential to build brand loyalty over time. The sections of Gen Z that are already in adulthood are also vital to capture in the present. Creating engaging content, taking a solid stance, and showing a genuine connection and understanding of the Z generation is the best way to market to them.