5 Reasons Why SEO and CRO Strategies Complement Each Other

5 Reasons Why SEO and CRO Strategies Complement Each Other

Many people don’t realize that SEO and CRO strategies complement each other very well. Here are the main reasons why that’s the case for these two tactics.

For a business owner, nothing is better than having different areas of your company come together to create something better. While the list of ways this can happen is near endless, we wanted to focus on just one of the combinations today: SEO and CRO.

These two practices work very well together. Many explanations exist for this, which is why we want to go more in-depth into the reasons why SEO and CRO strategies complement each other. That way, you can utilize these strategies to improve your marketing practices.

The Give-and-Take Dynamic

The key to how these strategies work so well together lies in the very definition of what they set out to achieve. Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on bringing in potential customers, whether they’ve never been to your website before or are frequent shoppers.

On the other side of things, companies use conversion rate optimization (CRO) to convert interested parties into loyal members. You can do this in various ways, but signing someone up for email newsletters, enrolling them in a loyalty program, or simply turning their curiosity into a sale are some of the more common ones.

Now that you see each strategy’s goals, the dynamic should be more obvious to you. SEO gets people in the door, and CRO gets them coming back for more. While both can still work well on their own, nothing beats the one-two punch of SEO and CRO.

Better Click-Through Rates

Even though click-through rates (CTR) are largely a part of SEO, CRO greatly influences them. Often, potential customers will look for the exact product you’re selling. When that’s the case, you don’t have to do much convincing to get them to click on your link.

However, there will be plenty of times when someone might see your site and be unsure if they’re interested. If your CRO is enticing enough, you’ll likely convince them to click through and convert. This is something that SEO can’t do on its own. You need to set up a strategy to get potential customers invested, and that’s exactly what CRO is for.

Improved Accountability

Of course, the fact that SEO and CRO complement each other so well leads to another valuable benefit—they effectively hold each other accountable. If your website isn’t pulling in as many users as it usually does, you’ll likely start seeing the effects on the CRO side of things. The opposite can also be true. When practices don’t work together to achieve goals, it’s easier for problems to slip through the cracks. With these two, though, their dependence on the other makes issues more apparent.

Increased Quality of Traffic Over Time

Once you’ve given SEO and CRO enough time to work together, you’ll start seeing an increase in traffic quality. When looking at e-commerce, quantity doesn’t matter as much. Having lots of people on your site doesn’t guarantee sales. Instead, you need people who are serious about making a purchase. CRO helps turn that into a possibility.

Once you have some data on the types of people who are more interested in your company and products, you can tune your SEO strategies to target more of those people instead of larger, general groups. This may lower the number of people who visit your site. However, the ones who do will be more likely to convert by signing up for something or making a purchase.

Optimized Usage of Budgets

Of course, all this eventually leads to your company optimizing its marketing budgets. You’ll no longer waste time and money targeting groups that aren’t interested in converting. You’ll also combine the goals and strategies of your SEO and CRO departments. Even if you keep these sections completely separate, you’ll still save lots of time by giving each group similar goals and having them work together to achieve them.

If you combine this strategy with some of the other methods for measuring the success of an SEO campaign, we’re sure you’ll see desired results and improved profit margins. No matter how you go about it, these two strategies will lead to a much more streamlined marketing experience.