Liz is a copywriter for Awesome Dynamic eCommerce consulting agency and an aspiring novelist. This New York-born introvert enjoys discovering the hidden gems in up-and-coming businesses and helping them bring their vision to life by fusing a little elbow grease with the beauty of the written word. She uses her creative skills to find magic in the mundane and is endlessly deep diving into all things Amazon, only breaking the surface to refill her colossal coffee thermos. From inflatable pool toys to plant-based skincare and office supplies, this avid writer loves learning about what makes budding businesses unique and how their sugar and spice can be combined to achieve a recipe for true success. When she isn’t exploring the ever-fluctuating world of eCommerce, she can be found savoring quiet moments in her favorite mauve velvet chair, pouring over her foodie Finsta, and embarrassing her family with original remixes of 90’s hip hop chart-toppers.



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