Amazon SEO: 5 Ways To Increase Visibility and Sales

Amazon SEO: 5 Ways To Increase Visibility and Sales

The best way to increase your sales on sites like Amazon is to do SEO specifically for them. Here are some ways to improve your Amazon-specific SEO.

When finding ways to boost SEO, most companies only ever consider how their efforts affect sites like Google. Many of them completely overlook places such as Amazon because they assume that Google’s all-encompassing reach is good enough. While that is true to an extent, many people search for products specifically on Amazon. That means if you’re not trying to improve your SEO there, you’ll miss out on lots of potential sales.

The main reason why this is so vital is that people who find you on Amazon almost certainly have the intention of buying, whereas Google searchers aren’t always looking to make a purchase. That means putting in the work on Amazon should give you a greater return while still not costing you any money. Granted, you can align PPC with your SEO to improve your e-commerce results. But this post will focus particularly on how to boost your Amazon SEO to increase your visibility and sales on the site.

Relevant and Backend Keywords

Let’s start with the most critical part of any SEO campaign: the keywords. These are an absolute necessity if you want your products to show up in your target market’s search results.

Start with the relevant keywords. These are the ones your potential customers will be searching for. The more you include throughout your product page, the more likely you’ll get some hits. Just make sure you don’t keyword stuff your page, though, as that can actually hurt your rankings. Perform some research using keyword-related software to determine which phrases your target demographic is most commonly searching for. Be sure to keep an eye on these results because possible search queries constantly change over time.

Don’t forget to provide backend keywords as well. Customers won’t see these directly, but they are helpful for Amazon to ensure that your products target the correct groups.

Title and Image

Once your keywords start pulling in potential customers, you must draw them into your page with the title and product image. Since Amazon doesn’t have descriptions on the search results page, you need to add as much detail as possible to the title. Putting in info, such as essential features, product quantity, and the brand name, is great. These are descriptors that’ll draw people to the full product page. This is also where you’ll want to put some of your more popular relevant keywords.

Of course, none of that matters if you don’t have a quality photo to back it up. People can be quite judgmental about looks. If they don’t find your product appealing at first glance, they’ll likely click on the more eye-catching one right next to it. If you put enough effort into these two areas, though, you’ll definitely get more clicks. And this will improve your Amazon SEO in terms of visibility and sales.

Customer Reviews

One aspect of your product page that can drastically improve your SEO on Amazon’s platform is having a high quantity of good product reviews. The unfortunate fact with these is that your customers are the only ones who can directly affect this stat. While some companies try to artificially inflate these numbers with fake reviews, consumers have gotten better at sniffing these out. Also, if Amazon finds out, they will mete out punishments, negatively impacting your SEO on the site.

A better way to boost your ratings is to encourage your past customers to leave a review and respond to criticism by fixing your product. Having a larger quantity of reviews will increase your search rankings. Also, making improvements will help turn the tide of bad reviews.

Product Price

Many people filter their results by price range when searching for a product. Obviously, you’ll get lots of attention if you have the cheapest price on the site. However, making your product the most affordable option isn’t always financially viable. You still want to make a decent profit on the items you sell.

Luckily, keeping your products in the same price range as competing offerings will keep you relevant in the rankings. Offering products that are significantly more expensive than everything else will leave you out of lots of searches.

General Availability

Finally, if your product is always out of stock, that’ll hurt your overall SEO. Consumers hate finding the perfect item, only to see that it’s not available. Because of that, Amazon penalizes products that are currently out of stock. Fortunately, this is an easy fix (depending on your production speed, of course). Making a better effort to keep your products in stock will remove the penalty currently holding you down.