6 Simple Steps To Engage Your Audience on Twitter

6 Simple Steps To Engage Your Audience on Twitter

Increasing user engagement is critical for businesses that are on Twitter. If you need to boost your company’s account, these steps should help you out.

Shockingly, many companies tend to underestimate the power of Twitter these days. While it certainly has its flaws, it’s a perfect tool for interacting with a large portion of your consumer base with short-form content. Not having to write out long-winded posts or upload a ton of photos with captions makes it easy to hop on and quickly connect with customers.

But of course, none of that matters if none of your followers are engaging with you, so how do you get them to respond? Well, there’s certainly not an exact answer, but we have some tips for you to try out that should increase the amount of audience interaction you get on Twitter.

Organize Posts Into Lists

One of the hardest parts about communicating with your followers is finding their posts and comments among all the other things that appear on the site. Fortunately, Twitter allows you to modify your timeline using categories like groups, topics, and interests. This is a level of customization not found on many other platforms, so be sure to take full advantage of it.

Get a Social Media Management Tool

While the list feature can be helpful, it isn’t perfect, so you’ll need to look to third-party tools if you require even more fine-tuning. Social media managers like Hootsuite and Tweet Deck specifically function with Twitter in mind, so they should work perfectly for your organizational needs on the app.

They do many of the same things that Twitter’s lists do, but they’re more exact and work automatically. This will save you lots of time and stress while giving you some concrete data to work with.

Create a Schedule

Now that your feed is more organized, it’s time to try some techniques that’ll raise your engagement with consumers on Twitter. One of the most difficult parts of managing a social media account is the inconsistency of people on the site. That’s why you need to make them come to you.

Creating a consistent schedule is a great way to do such a thing. Now that doesn’t mean you need to post at the exact same time every day, but you should try to make sure you’re putting up something new at least once every day or two. Not only will this help remind people of your presence online, but it will get them into the habit of checking up on you often. In turn, this will lead to more interactions.

Respond Outside of Your Company’s Feed

Once you have a decent following, it’s easy to respond and interact with those who seek you out. The challenge with increasing engagement is breaking out of that inner circle and talking to people who aren’t active in your feed.

This is where a social media manager could come into play. You can use resources to search out people who are talking about you, whether it’s good or bad, and find ways to interact with them. For example, if someone had a bad experience with your company, you could respond to their post to try to make things right. Obviously, not all these interactions will go according to plan, but as long as you handle them well, it should help increase your overall engagement.

Take Advantage of Twitter’s Features

This one should go without saying, but you must ensure you’re utilizing everything Twitter offers. Sure, people primarily use the app for short, word-based posts, but you can also upload pictures and videos. These will help make your feed look more dynamic, enticing more people and drawing them into the fold.

Also, don’t forget the two features that made Twitter famous: hashtags and retweets. If used correctly, these two actions can rocket you to the top of the trending page in no time, which will boost your engagement dramatically.

Hire a Team When Needed

Of course, all this is a lot for one person to handle, especially if you’re heavily involved with many other aspects of your company. So to keep your interactions high, you might need to hire a team. This can be one person or a large group of people who will devote their time to helping your company’s social media account thrive.

Since consistency is such an important aspect of engagement, taking this kind of step is inevitable. You just have to ensure your company is ready to afford this level of commitment. If a strong social media presence is a must, so is the need for a dedicated team to make it happen.