6 Actionable Tips To Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

6 Actionable Tips To Increase Your Search Engine Visibility

Not all SEO practices make an immediately noticeable difference in your search engine visibility. Here are some tips that will help improve things right away.

A lot of SEO involves sitting around and waiting for the things you did to bring people to your site. While patience in this process is crucial, sometimes, you just want to do something that’ll make a difference right now. Fortunately, there are some options available to you. In this list, we’ll cover some actionable tips you can try out that’ll increase your search engine visibility. Hopefully, they’ll make a noticeable boost in your rankings.

Run an SEO Website Audit

One thing that holds many companies down in the rankings is the technical side of SEO. The reason for this is that many of them ignore it. However, it’s quite crucial for climbing to the top of the results. If your site has any of the common technical SEO issues that hurt rankings, you need to fix them immediately.

Of course, you won’t be able to identify these without running an SEO website audit. Fortunately, most SEO programs have built-in audit tools that’ll scan your site and report issues. Once you learn what’s holding your site back and fix it, your results should drastically improve overall.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Surprisingly, there are still lots of companies that haven’t taken the time to make their website mobile friendly. About half of all Google searches occur via mobile devices these days. This means that if the page a user clicks isn’t usable on their phone, they’ll quickly leave, increasing your site’s bounce rate.

On top of that, Google and other search engine companies have automated tools that can detect if your site is mobile friendly, meaning it might not even make it to a user’s search results in the first place. If you haven’t considered mobile accessibility yet, now is the time. Most website creators make mobile versions of your site easy to set up, so it’ll take you no time at all to improve your overall visibility.

Get Verified on Google

While working on your visibility across all search engines is important, it’s no secret that Google is the biggest one by a long shot. That’s why you should take the extra step to ensure you’re ranking well on there. The best way to do this is to verify your business with them.

By creating a Google My Business account and filling out all the information, Google will recognize you as a legitimate business and boost your website’s pages accordingly. Plus, if a customer searches for you directly, they’ll be much more likely to find you if you’ve verified your business.

Create Long-Tail Keywords

One mistake many companies make when adding keywords to their pages is targeting ones that are too competitive. While it might seem like a good idea to go for the search results that have the most customers, it’ll be much harder to get or stay on top. That will lead to your search engine visibility ending up short-lived.

It’s better to stay visible for longer on a smaller results page, which is why you should implement long-tail keywords. These are much more specific, meaning fewer people search for them. If there aren’t as many users looking for these terms, competition will be less fierce, giving your SEO-driven content more of a fighting chance.

Build More Pages

If you’ve already fully optimized your pages with improvements like long-tail keywords, it might be time to add some more pages to your site. The more you have, the better your chances are of one of them making it to the top of the results.

Obviously, creating a blog is the best way to increase the amount of content on your site, but if you want to attempt something else, try creating more service pages. To make these pages, you don’t need to produce more products or services. You could just expand further on ideas you already have. For example, if you have a page about the accessories your company offers, you could create individual pages that go into more detail on each type of accessory.

Focus Your Efforts

In the end, the best actionable tip you can utilize to improve the search engine visibility of your site is to focus your efforts on what’s already working. If you follow these other tips but focus on pages that aren’t performing well, you’re not going to notice many significant results, at least not right away.

If you want to make a perceptible difference, you should focus on your results that are showing up on the second or third page of Google. These will be the easiest ones to push over the line and get to the first page. Work on the lower-ranking pages as a part of your long-term goals.