5 Ways Email Marketing Can Influence Your SEO Efforts

5 Ways Email Marketing Can Influence Your SEO Efforts

The beauty of email marketing is that it can expand into other avenues of marketing, one of which is SEO. Here’s how emails can influence your rankings.

Finding new ways to help your company rise through the SEO ranking systems on various search engines can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many techniques that make this easier. One such way is by effectively using email marketing.

Now, you might think emails would have little to no effect on SEO, but that’s a common misconception. In fact, there are quite a few ways in which email marketing can strongly influence your rankings, which we cover for you in this post.

Increases Your Website Traffic

Typically, the main goal of a targeted email is to send the viewer to your site to buy a product or check out a service. If you succeed and convince them to click on a link, you’re already improving your SEO. Ranking systems most commonly focus on how much website traffic you have, not where that traffic comes from.

That doesn’t mean they don’t record how visitors get to your site, but you don’t lose points for them arriving through a direct link. That means the better your email marketing is, the more likely you’ll boost your SEO efforts.

Improves On-Site Metrics

Of course, this goes way deeper than simple site visits. People who come to your site via email are more likely to improve your site’s general metrics as well. Since these visitors showed up due to an interesting link in your email, they’re less likely to quickly lose interest and leave. As a result, they can raise your time-on-site value and reduce your bounce rate. Search engines love this kind of stuff.

Other forms of engagement apply here as well, especially sales conversions. If your email recipient saw something that interested them in your message, the chances of them purchasing that product or service go up significantly, boosting your overall site performance.

Allows for Keyword Testing

One exceptional strategy that many companies employ for their email campaigns is the practice of sending out different emails and tracking their effectiveness. While the goals of this procedure may vary from company to company, a common aim is to test the effectiveness of various keywords.

You can then use this knowledge to improve the keywords you focus on for your general SEO campaign. While this email marketing technique might not directly influence your SEO rankings, it certainly helps achieve something that’s much harder to test and track otherwise.

Influences Future Content

Obviously, these emails can help impact more than just the keywords you use for SEO—they can also affect your future content. You can use newsletters and other emails to gauge what kind of topics interest your target markets the most. While it’s possible to find this out through surveys and other on-site metrics, emails make this process much more manageable.

If viewers click on more links that deal with a particular service you offer, your preferred customers would be much more likely to click on an article that deals with a similar topic. The better your posts are, the better your SEO ranking will become over time.

Sends People to Multiple Locations

The most important part to remember is that SEO goes further than your website. It deals with all forms of online traffic involving your brand. That means you need to get people heading to your social media pages and any other websites through which you might sell your products.

Email makes this easy by allowing viewers to click on whatever interests them most, which is why many messages contain links to their social accounts. These links not only give people an easy way to follow a company more closely, but they also make it easier for them to share a group with their family and friends. All this culminates in more attention, which directly helps your SEO efforts.